Cherish the Ladies

Cherish the Ladies – The Girls Won’t Leave the Boys Alone (Ep. 49)

Hosts Mother Banjo and Anthony Ihrig talk with Joanie Madden of the Grammy-nominated, Irish-American super group Cherish the Ladies about their 2001 release The Girls Won’t Leave the Boys Alone 🎶 💿. Join us as we listen to their music together and hear the stories behind the songs and recording.

  1.  The Broom of the Cowdenknowes
  2.  The Queen of Connemara / The Cararoe / The Lilting Fisherman
  3.  Erin Grá Mo Chrói” (Ireland Love of My Heart)
  4. Mullins Fancy / The Raveled Hank of Yarn / Gilbert Clancy’s
  5.  The Jolly Beggarman
  6. Last Night’s Fun / The Chattering Magpie / The Black Haired Lass / The Commodore

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