Reina del Cid

Reina del Cid – The Cooling (Ep. 95)

Hosts Mother Banjo and Anthony Ihrig talk with musician, songwriter and YouTuber Reina del Cid about her 2015 release The Cooling 🎶 💿. Join us as we listen to her music together and hear the stories behind the songs and recording.

  1. Sweet Annie
  2. Where the Sun Always Shines
  3. The Cooling
  4. Death Cap

Learn more about Reina and purchase her music directly:

Reina’s cover of The Beatles song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer:

Toni Lindgren (guitar and Reina’s musical right-hand women)

Pachyderm Studio:

Brent Sigmeth (engineer / Little Big Studio)

Darla Edin (makeup artist)

Grace Edgar (arranged strings on The Cooling)

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