Beth Nielsen Chapman

Beth Nielsen Chapman – Deeper Still (Ep. 174)

Hosts Mother Banjo and Anthony Ihrig talk this Friday with award-winning folk and country songwriter, performer and member of the prestigious Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Beth Nielsen Chapman. We’ll be listening to tracks off of her 2002 release Deeper Still 🎶 💿. Join us as we listen to her music together and hear the stories behind the songs and recording.

  1. World of Hurt
  2. All Comes Down To Love
  3. Every December Sky
  4. Deeper Still

Learn more about Beth and purchase her music directly:

Learn about songwriting from Beth:

Silvere Boureau – Cover Art artist

Andy Bey – Renown jazz vocalist featured on album

Gary Paczosa – Engineer

Chuck Ainlay – Mixing Engineer

Listen to Beth talk about writing for Willie Nelson: “Nothing I Can Do About it Now” –